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Yogic practice to transform energy of body and mind.


Sequencing is built mindfully and progressively from the ground up with deep attention to physical and subtle body alignment.

The fluidity of vinyasa (conscious placement) is combined with periods of holding postures for more extended lengths, learning how to 'tune in’ and feel our way meditatively, rather than forcing in any way. 

The dynamic & fluid practices heat the body and build strength, endurance & flexibility. The restorative postures help relax the muscles, tissues and nervous system encouraging a release of deeply held tension, resting the mind in a state of non action.

We work with the body intelligently, progressively, integrating movement with breath for an integrative & absorbed experience.


"the tibetan term for buddha, སངས་རྒྱས་, sangyé also means awakened" (sangyé yoga school)