"I ask myself why we do not practice, just for those few moments of time in which death has leant us our bodies"

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche       

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Yoga teacher, and practitioner of Hatha and Tibetan Yogas. As a student of the Kagyu Lineage, Tibetan Buddhism profoundly informs my approach to contemporary yoga.


Coming from a dance background, which brought about major injury, my physical practice combines a strong sense of discipline - but with awareness - together with a deep respect for what the body has to teach us. I have learnt that our injuries and illnesses can be the greatest opportunities. 


Some other influences include yin & TCM meridians, yantra yoga, ashtanga vinyasa yoga. 


My motivation is to draw from the core central themes of different lineages in helping teach ‘conscious’ yoga to help spread benefit more widely across an increasingly globalised planet.

some training & influences:

Indo-Tibetan Yogas, Dr Robert Thurman & Michele Loew (300hrs currently studying)

Vajrasati Yoga School (500hrs)

Sangyé Yoga School (200hrs)

The Yoga Garden (200hrs)

Nangi Shedra; Kagyu Samye Ling 3 Year Buddhist Study Programme

Two-Year Contemplative Studies Program (Tibetan Buddhism), Dr Miles Neale

Meditation Instructor Training Program; Open Heart Project, Susan Piver

Total Yoga Nidra Foundation; Yoga Nidra Network, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Yin Yoga & Meridians, Norman Blair



"Sometimes, just sometimes you come across somebody who is doing something that they were so obviously put on this earth to do. From the first of her classes I was blessed enough to attend it was evident that Sam was just such a person. Embodying all of the principles of yoga, her passion for the practice and sincere commitment to sharing her knowledge and wisdom are obvious and are expressed in a fun and playful manner and always with serious intention. Sam will encourage you to explore what you believe to be your limits and at the same time convince you to be happy with where you are. If you can get to one of her classes - go. If you can't get to one of her classes- go anyway!”

David Rose


"Truly inspiring teacher. Sam's authenticity and her care for her students comes across with every considered sentence. She always makes me want to try my best even when this means leaving my comfort zone!”

Kris Thomas


"I have done bits of Yoga on and off for years but starting with Sam has been a total game changer. The time and attention she puts into every student gives you confidence in your ability and has made me want to develop my practise. She is thoughtful, wise and funny and I leave her classes feeling mentally and physically restored. A truly excellent teacher.”

Jade Goto


"Sam is a truly amazing and inspiring teaching. The composition of her sequences and beautiful and very balanced, meaning that by the time you get towards a ‘peak’ pose your body is beautifully warm to be able to manage it. Her physical assists allow me to reach deeper in to the asana is a safe and accessible way. Most of all I love her beautiful Buddhist based teachings. I have taken so much of what she has said in to my daily life, really making my life and the life of those around be better in every way. I am so grateful for her teachings and the teachings of her teachers. Anyone would be blessed to be taught by Sam!”

Lydia Styles


"Sam’s passion for yoga radiates from her. The breathing and meditation section of her practice evokes a sense of peace and calmness, of wellbeing and focus. Her asana practices are challenging. Sam encourages you to work to the best of your ability on any given day. She is always there to support and encourage. Her excellent hands on assists give valuable assurance that your postures are as good as they can be."

Tracey Hooks


Samantha's classes are incredible and are quickly becoming the highlight of my week. Her humour, her assertiveness and her philosophies are all spot on. Her physical adjustments are a dream and she makes you feel safe and nurtured but at the same time pushes you to your max."

Meg Thompson

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